FAQ: How Do The Bali Sliding Solar Panels Outside Mount Work?

How do you measure for Bali sliding panels?

Measure Width: Measure width to be covered. We recommend 3″ overlap on each side (6″ total) for optimum light control and privacy. Record measurement. If you want the entire window uncovered when the shade is fully open, you will need to add more than 3″ to the width.

How do you measure a vertical blind for a sliding glass door?

How to Measure for Inside Mount Vertical Blinds

  1. Measure the depth of your window frame, from the front of the opening to the glass.
  2. Measure the width of your window opening.
  3. Measure the height of your window opening in three places: left, center, and right.
  4. Order at the exact opening size with no deductions.

How do panel track blinds work?

Panel track blinds are simple, elegant and can be used in a variety of configurations. Mounted to the wall or ceiling, large fabric panels slide back and forth on a track for easy operation. The blinds have the ability to stack completely clear of the door or window when in the open position.

How do panel glide blinds work?

The panels cleverly slide behind each other to take up as little room as possible when open. The blinds also work very well with glass sliding doors as they can be opened quickly and easily to allow access in and out of the room.

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How does a vertical blind work?

Vertical blinds consist of a series of vertical fabric louvres or slats, which can be twisted to close and obscure the window or opened wide to let in lots of light. The louvres are linked together by a chain and are operated using a cord, positioned at the far right or left of the blind.

How do you measure a roller blind for a sliding glass door?

Measure the width of the window / door. Measure the exact width from the inside edge of the frame on the right to the inside edge of the frame on the left. Measure the top, bottom and center of the window / door. Identify which is the narrowest width of the three and round it to the nearest 1/8 inch.

How are vertical blinds measured in Bali?

Bali Measuring Guide for Blinds & Shades

  1. Use a steel tape measure, never cloth.
  2. Print out the measuring guide you need.
  3. Measure each window individually.
  4. Write down all of your measurements clearly.
  5. Round your measurements to the nearest 1/8″.