FAQ: How To Cuss In Bali?

How do you curse in Indonesian?

As swearing word, the use of “Anjing” is similar to “Bangsat.” It is equivalent to say “SOB”, “b*stard”, or “sc*m” swear word in English. Another variation of the word “Anjing” is “Asu,” which also means “Anjing,” but in Javanese (local dialect of Java).

How do you say excuse me in Balinese?

Permisi: excuse me.

What does Bagus mean in Bali?

Bagus is one word that sums up a holiday in Bali as everything seems to be Bagus. Bagus meaning good. As I left the airport I fell into a sensory overload. The smell was intoxicating and unfamiliar; sounds of horns beeping, scooters racing and Balinese music filled the air.

How do you say please in Bali?

A collection of useful phrases in Balinese (Basa Bali ), a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken mainly in Bali in Indonesia. Useful phrases in Balinese.

Phrase Balinese
Sorry Ampura
Please Tempat
Thank you Suksema (inf) Suksma Matur suksema (frm)
Reply to thank you Mawali Suksema mawali
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Is Anjir a bad word?

As we already discuessed before, anjir can be said as the soft version of the curse word “anjing”. However, in several societies, saying “ anjir ” in public still considered very impolite. You should never use this word to the person you do not really know unless you want to pick a fight.

What are the bad words in Indonesia?

​5 regional curse words from all over Indonesia that every Jakartan should know

  • Jancuk (jahn-chook)
  • Asu (ah-Sue)
  • Cukimai (choo-key-my)
  • Pukimak (poo-key-mack)
  • Anying (ahn-nyeeng)

How do you say love in Bali?

In the first one of the beautiful words in Balinese language, we want to mention the romantic words that usually used for showing love or affection to someone. And those words are Titiyang Tresna Sareng Ragane. This sentence contains three important words, Tiyang, Tresna, and also the last one Raga.

How do you say sorry in Balinese?

How to Say Sorry in Indonesian – Phrases

  1. “Saya minta maaf” (I’m sorry ). In english, “minta” = “ask”.
  2. “Saya sungguh-sungguh minta maaf” (I’m really sorry ). Or, sometimes “sungguh-sungguh” replace by “bener-bener”.
  3. “Saya mohon maaf” (I’m sorry ).
  4. “Mohon maaf lahir dan batin”.
  5. “Maaf” ( Sorry ).

How do you say goodbye in Bali?

The most polite way to say goodbye is to say “Titiang lungsur mapamit dumun,” which translates to “I’m taking leave now.” This is generally used for people who are highly respected or of a high caste. Alternative farewells include “Pamit dumun,” “Pamit,” “Ngiring dumun,” and “Ngiring.”

How do you say yes in Bahasa?

How To Say Yes In Malay

  1. 1) Ya — The formal yes.
  2. 2) Baik — Sure.
  3. 3) Boleh — Sure/Can. This particular word is rather colloquial in usage.
  4. 4) OK. This one is definitely self-explanatory.
  5. 5) Ha’ah — Yup.
  6. 1) Setuju — Agree.
  7. 2) Betul — True/That’s Right.
  8. 3) Mungkin — Maybe/Perhaps.
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What does Baik mean?

Adjective. baik (Jawi spelling باءيق‎) good (acting in the interest of good; ethical (good intentions)) good (useful for a particular purpose (it’s a good watch)) good (of food, edible; not stale or rotten)

What is the difference between Baik and Bagus?

Both of the words are adjectives and have the meaning of good. Some Indonesian people might give you a simple explanation on the difference between these two words by saying that ‘ baik ‘ is more about what you cannot see and ‘ bagus ‘ is more about what you can see.

How do you say happy birthday in Bali?

Birthdays Selamat ulang tahun! “ Happy Birthday!”

How do you say no money in Balinese?

However, I personally would avoid using the Balinese phrase “Sing ngelah pipis” (I have no money ).