FAQ: How To Trim Bali Shades At Home?

How do you cut cellular shades at home?

Place a mark with a pencil on the headrail at the right end to indicate the amount of shade to cut off. Place a small piece of painter’s tape at the mark. The edge of the tape will be used as a cutting guide. Flip the shade over and repeat the process to indicate the amount to cut off at the opposite end.

How do you shorten length of cellular shades?


  1. Install cellular shade into your window.
  2. Lower your cellular shade to its longest point.
  3. Decide the desired length of your shade.
  4. Remove both end caps from the bottom of the shade.
  5. Slide the rail off the bottom of the shade.
  6. Unwrap the cords from the bottom of the blind and take off plastic buttons.

How do you clean Bali fabric blinds?

Machine-washable fabric is easy to wash, and there’s no need to take down the entire blind to do so! Unsnap the fabric from the vanes and place in wash. Use the gentle cycle, warm water and Woolite® Fine Fabric Wash or other mild laundry detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach.

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Can you cut blinds that are too wide?

Cutting down the slats If the slats are too wide use a powered saw of some kind. We recommend changing the blade to one that doesn’t have much bite on it. Go slow with the saw. If you are using a hand saw try using a hacksaw rather than a standard carpenters saw.

Can you cut roller shades to size?

A correctly installed roller blind completely covers window glass. Luckily, a blind that is longer than the width of the window can be cut down to provide the proper fit. The blind must be cut correctly to ensure it operates as designed.

Can you cut day and night blinds to size?

Can a Day & Night Blinds be cut to size? A Day & Night blind can be cut to size, much like a roller blind, however, it is a difficult process to ensure that each layer of material is cut exactly the same, the roller mechanism is cut to the right size and you aren’t left with any fraying or jagged edges.

Can I cut my honeycomb shades?

Lay your shades on the miter saw, and without powering it, lower the saw to make sure the blade hits your marks. Keep the blade toward the outer edge of the shade, so that there isn’t too much removed. You can always cut off more if needed.

Can you cut Levolor blinds at home?

Levolor manufactures window coverings including vertical blinds, cellular shades, and roller shades. Whatever the reason, most types of wooden Levolor blinds that come in slats can be cut to the correct width with a few tools.

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Can you shorten the length of cordless blinds?

These shades work with a lift mechanism either through the headrail or the bottom rail. To adjust, open or close them, you can either lift them or lower them.

How do you shorten fabric blinds?

The quick and dirty way to shorten a vertical blind

  1. Remove each slat from the headrail.
  2. Remove the weight.
  3. Find the back of the slat.
  4. Cut across one side of the pocket, to create one length.
  5. Measure the length and mark where you now want the bottom to be.
  6. Fold your slat and measure the length again, to be sure it’s correct.