FAQ: Which Is Better Bali Or Malaysian?

Is Indonesia better than Malaysia?

Indonesia and Malaysia are both spectacular places in their own right. They are easily accessible and budget-friendly. If you want a typical relaxed family holiday, Malaysia is a good choice. But if you are looking for something offbeat with a lot of fresh experiences, then Indonesia is the clear winner.

Is Malaysia cheaper than Indonesia?

A week in Malaysia can cost you about $504 (per person), while a week in Indonesia may cost you around $356. When comparing food in Indonesia vs. Malaysia they are not just different in cuisine, but also in price. Meal and restaurant costs in Indonesia ($13) are often cheaper than Malaysia ($15).

Which is better Bali or Langkawi?

As Bali is larger than Langkawi, it’s no surprise that it is home to more people. Although Bali is bigger, it has a higher population density, and also attracts more tourists than Langkawi. Put simply, Bali is busier, which may be viewed as a positive or a negative.

Is Thailand better than Bali?

The winner: Thailand works out to be cheaper overall, has a wider range of cuisines and activities for families and has cleaner beaches. If nightlife is where you’re at though, Bali is the winner. Scroll here for our quick side-by-side comparison of each destination.

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Is Malaysia a poor country?

Poverty in Malaysia is a controversial economic issue. Malaysia’s total population is 31 million as of 2015, of which 0.6% live below the national poverty line. Malaysia has grown rapidly in terms of economic development. An indicator is that in 2014, 65.6% of the population aged 15 years and above were employed.

Are Malaysians friendlier than Singaporeans?

Malaysia and Singapore are practically inseparable and identical – one may not be able to discern who’s from where. However, there’s a perception that Malaysians are generally friendlier, slightly laid back and less stressed/irritable. I would say that it’s a pretty accurate representation.

What should I avoid in Indonesia?

11 Things You Should Never, Ever Do in Indonesia

  • Never joke about race, religion, and ethnicity.
  • Never underestimate how spicy a meal can be.
  • Do not drink alcohol or play card games in public places.
  • Do not drink tap water.
  • Don’t do drugs.
  • Don’t forget to say thank you.
  • Don’t disrupt the wildlife.
  • Don’t ignore local customs.

Who brought Islam to Malaysia?

Islam is thought to have been brought to Malaysia around the 12th century by Indian traders. In the early 15th century the Malacca Sultanate, commonly considered the first independent state in the peninsula, was founded.

Is Indonesia the cheapest country?

According to our readers, Indonesia is the third cheapest country to visit in Southeast Asia, coming in behind only Cambodia and Vietnam! It is worth being aware that due to the layout of the country, the cost of travelling in Indonesia can vary quite a lot depending on where you are visiting.

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Why is Langkawi famous?

Constituting 99 islands in Malaysia’s west coast, Langkawi is famous for its mystical legends, exquisite beaches, pristine rainforests and superb duty-free shopping! Interspersed with lush tropical rainforests, the islets are also home to staggering cliffs that dramatically jut out of the turquoise placid waters.

Which is cheaper Bali or Langkawi?

Pricewise, Bali is cheaper too. Peoplewise, Balinese are much more friendlier and jovial. I can think of only 2 advantage Langkawi has over Bali. Car rental in Langkawi is cheaper (if you drive yourself) and Langkawi has a cable car ride which Bali don’t have.

Can you swim in the sea in Langkawi?

The beaches of Langkawi have been listed on National Geographic’s top 10 worldwide. They offer visitors white sands, blue lagoons and turquoise-clear waters. Tourists pick Langkawi as one of the most favourite destinations for diving, swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, and everything beach-related.

What food is Bali famous for?

10 Best Balinese Food

  • Sate (satay) varieties.
  • Nasi ayam and nasi campur.
  • Bebek and ayam betutu.
  • Babi guling.
  • Tahu and tempeh.
  • Jimbaran seafood.
  • Pepes and tum.
  • Traditional cakes and desserts.

Can I drink at 18 in Bali?

Yes, the legal age for consuming alcohol in Bali is 21 years. Travel Insurance will not cover anyone injured whilst under the influence of alcohol, that includes people over 21 years of age.

Is Maldives better or Bali?

If adventure on land is on your mind, Bali is for you. On the other hand, the Maldives offers better alternatives for the sea – the Baa Atoll offers amazing snorkelling, diving and underwater expeditions. Watersports in Maldives are better, and there are many places to try them.