Question: What Does Rama Shoot His Arrow To Help Sugreeva When Sugreeva And Bali Fight For The First Time?

What does Rama do to impress Sugriva in the Ramayana a he beats sugriva in a physical fight b He shoots an arrow through seven trees c He teaches sugriva How do you read d he makes a meal for Sugriva’s family?

Answer: What Rama does to impress Sugriva in the Ramayana would be to shoot an arrow through 7 trees.

What reason does Rama give for not using his arrow apex?

Please select the best answer and click “submit.” What reason does Rama give for not using his arrow to hit Bali when Sugriva and Bali are fighting for the first time? A. He can ‘t tell the brothers apart and doesn’t want to hit the wrong one.

What does Rama do to impress?

Answer Expert Verified. Sugriva was impressed by Rama through the killing of Vali in exchange for Sugriva’s help in finding Sita the wife of Rama. Rama gave a necklace made of flowers to Sugriva and even pierces 7 trees with a single arrow. Rama helped Sugriva to defeat his brother.

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What do we learn from the life of Jatayu?

Jatayu, an aged demigod in the form of a vulture, witnessed Ravana kidnapping Sita and taking her forcefully to Lanka. Moved to tears by the gallantry and courage of the aged Jatayu, Rama gave the bird its last rites as though the bird was his father. This teaches your child that he must always stand up for the weak.

Why does Rama shoot his arrow?

Answer Expert Verified. He shot his arrow through the seven trees because it was a challenge. It was done to prove his strength, valor, and skill. Not only did it do that, but it also pierced a mountain, entered earth, made a circle and came through the other side and went back into Rama’s quiver.

How is Bali ultimately defeated?

Answer: B. Rama shoots an arrow into his heart. Amid the fight, Rama executes Bali with an arrow going through his heart.

Why does Rama put flowers?

To honor his victory over Bali. C. D. To tell him apart from Bali.

How does Rama win Sita’s hand in marriage?

It is mentioned in the Hindu epic Ramayana, when its hero Rama (another avatar of Vishnu) breaks it to marry Janaka’s daughter as his wife. The bow was broken by Ayodhya’s prince Rama when he attempted to string the bow, during the swayamvara of Sita, thereby winning the princess’s hand in marriage.

How did Rama impress Janaka and win over Sita’s hand in marriage?

In Bala Kanda, when Rama entered with Vishwamitra along with Lakshmana in Janaka ‘S kingdom, he impressed with his behavior when Janaka met them in the place where they settled to stay that night.. There itself he decided that he is the one who will win the challenge..

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Who helps Rama save Sita?

Original plot of the Ramayana Rama is forced to go on a 14-year exile and is accompanied by Sita and his brother Lakshmana. Ravana, the demon-king of Lanka, plots to abduct Sita, aided by Maricha, who transforms into a magical golden deer (Maya mriga, an illusional deer), that entices Sita.

What is the moral of the story Rama and Sita?

In the story, Rama, Sita and Hanuman represent goodness and light, whilst Ravana represents darkness and evil. As Ravana is defeated by Rama and his army, the message is that with persistence and dedication, goodness will win over bad.

Is Jatayu bird real?

Jatayu is a mythical bird mentioned in the epic Ramayana. As the story goes, Jatayu witnessed Sita being kidnapped by the demon king Ravana and tried to stop the abduction. The bird spread its wings and stood in front of Ravana to stop him. Hence, the claim that the video shows a Jatayu bird is false.

Why did jatayu save Sita?

Jatayu was the first person who tried to rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana while he was taking her to Lanka. He fought valiantly with Ravana. However, Ravana clipped his wings and severely injured him. Sensing that Jatayu won’t survive, Lord Rama, a Vishnu incarnate, decided that Jatayu must attain salvation.