Quick Answer: Why Are The Fauna Of Bali And Lombok Different?

Why are the faunas of Bali and Lombok so different?

Although the distance between Bali and Lombok is only 35 kilometres, the Lombok Strait is so deep that it has been filled by water for millions of years. Wallace identified the 250m depth of the Lombok Strait as the single most compelling explanation for the differences between Asian and Australian animals.

What is the reason of having different species on each side of the Wallace Line?

It can reasonably be concluded it was an ocean barrier preventing species migration because the physical aspects of the separated islands are very similar. Species found only on the Asian side include tigers and rhinoceroses, while marsupials and monotremes are only found on the eastern side of the Line.

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Why do some islands have similar fauna while nearby islands have completely different fauna?

Given that these islands have similar climates and habitats, suggest an explanation for why some islands have similar fauna while nearby islands have completely different fauna. Suggested answer: Animal species adapt to their environment and to fill certain niches. However, they must come from somewhere.

What is Wallace’s line and what does it represent?

: a hypothetical boundary that separates the highly distinctive faunas of the Asian and Australian biogeographic regions and passes between the islands of Bali and Lombok in Indonesia, between Borneo and Sulawesi, and between the Philippines and the Moluccas.

What is the significance of the Wallace Line quizlet?

Significance of Wallace line? -It divides two geographic regions that Wallace realized had quite different biota. -a deep-sea trench has kept Asia and Australia separated. -Climate is defined as the prevailing long-term weather conditions in a particular region.

Why is Wallace’s Line significant in biogeography?

The Wallace and Weber lines are imaginary dividers used to mark the difference between species found in Australia and Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia. This is especially apparent when considering the difference in mammals between the two regions.

What are the reasons for the Wallace Line?

Cause. The root cause of Wallace’s line is that the ancient supercontinent Gondwana was separated entirely from other parts of the world after Pangaea broke up. Australasia and its smaller islands were part of Gondwana, and that is why their fauna is so different from that of south-east Asia.

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What did Darwin and Wallace disagree on?

Darwin argued that human evolution could be explained by natural selection, with sexual selection as a significant supplementary principle. Wallace always had doubts about sexual selection, and ultimately concluded that natural selection alone was insufficient to account for a set of uniquely human characteristics.

What does Wallace’s line represent?

The Wallace Line is an imaginary boundary that runs between Australia and the Asian islands and the mainland. This boundary marks the point where there is a difference in species on either side of the line.

Which island is most likely to develop a new species?

The equilibrium theory of island biogeography predicts that large islands close to the mainland will have more species than small islands that are distant from the mainland.

What are examples of animals in different niches separated by the Wallace Line?

Wallace’s Line separates an Asian fauna which includes primates, carnivores, elephants, and ungulates from the marsupial fauna of Australia and New Guinea.

What does island biogeography theory explain?

The theory of island biogeography states that a larger island will have a greater number of species than a smaller island. When immigration rates and extinction rates are the same, the island is in equilibrium. This means that the number of species on the island stays roughly the same.

What is lydekker line?

Lydekker’s line A line that defines the easternmost extension of oriental animals into the zone of mixing between the Oriental and Australian faunal regions. The corresponding western limit of the zone is known as Wallace’s line, and marks the maximum extent of marsupials (Marsupialia) in that direction.

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What is the meaning of Founa?

: animal life especially: the animals characteristic of a region, period, or special environment the diverse fauna of the island — compare flora.

What does biogeography mean?

Biogeography is defined as the study of the distribution of animals and plants in space and time and is widely used to characterise the different biomes on Earth.