Quick Answer: Why Is Brick-making Gendered Differently In Bali As Opposed To The United States?

Is a constructed identity that is tied to a place?

What is ethnicity and how is it so tied to ” place?” a constructed identity that is tied to a place. Ethnicity is tied to ” place ” because ethnicity represents were a person is from.

What do geographers study to explain why people occupy certain space and move across the landscape in specific patterns?

– geographers study of the interactions of people in human activities across space, and they identify the different processes by which people and ideas the fuse from what another overtime. Relocation diffusion is the spread of an idea through the physical movements of people.

What is identity and how are identities constructed AP Human Geography?

identity. defined by geographer Gillian Rose as “how we make sense of ourselves”; how people see themselves at different scales. identifying against. constructing an identity by first defining the “other” and then defining ourselves as “not the other”.

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Which continent did not serve as a cultural hearth ie point of origin )?

Carl Sauer. Which continent did not contain an agricultural hearth? Europe.

What gives a place identity?

Place identity is formed after the place has achieved an established status in both the spatial structure of the society and its social consciousness (Paasi, 1991). From this view, Paasi (1986, 2002c) argued that subjective images and objective classifications are the two subcategories of place identity.

How can place affect identity?

Places also become imbued with symbolic meaning; they inform current self-concepts and can become an important part of an individual’s self- identity. Finally, individuals use aspects of place to support various identity -relevant projects, such as creating a continuous sense of self and self-worth.

What is a spatial pattern?

The spatial pattern of a distribution is defined by the arrangement of individual entities in space and the geographic relationships among them. The spatial pattern can be characterized by the behavior of the correlogram’s wavelength and amplitude within a specific range of spatial orders.

How do farmers and others who live in rural areas decide how do you use land?

Farmers and others who live in rural areas decide how to use land depending on what the usage of the land will be, environmental factors, and agricultural land use patterns. Eventually people in these agricultural hearts started to trade with each other, which created an exchange of crops and innovations.

What two basic concepts used by geographers to explain why places are unique?

Location of any place can be described precisely by meridians and parallels. a unique combination of social relationships and physical processes.

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What is an example of identifying against?

Identity against is constructing an identity by first defining the “other” and then defining ourselves as “not the other”. Race is a “constructed identity” because some races are rejected and people identify themselves according to that. Race has been used to ” identify against ” in the form of racism.

What is the Interfaith boundary?

Interfaith boundary: boundaries between one faith and another. Example: Buddhism versus Hinduism. Both are present within South Asia. Intrafaith boundary: boundaries within the same religion.

What is meant by ethnic identity?

What is Ethnic Identity? Extent to which one identifies with a particular ethnic group(s). Refers to one’s sense of belonging to an ethnic group and the part of one’s thinking perceptions, feelings, and behavior that is due to ethnic group membership.

What are the four major cultural hearths?

The four major hearths are the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley located in modern Iraq; the Nile River Valley in Egypt; the Indus River Valley situated in modern Pakistan; and China’s Huang Ho River Valley. Each grew in its hearth before diffusing to other areas.

How does cultural convergence occur?

Cultural convergence is a trend where two cultures that interact a lot start to appear more similar to each other. This is especially pronounced among cultures that have high degrees of communication, relative ease of transportation between them, and are united under some organizational system.

How does folk culture affect the environment?

Influence of the physical environment. Folk housing styles are another example of the influence of the physical environment, with housing design reflecting both cultural norms and environmental influences from the type of building material used to the shape of the house to more efficiently heat, cool, or shed water.