Readers ask: Couple In Bali Who Murdered Mom From Chicago?

What happened to the girl who killed her mother in Bali?

Australian woman Sara Connor, serving a five-year sentence for her role in the death of a Bali police officer, whose battered body was found on a Kuta beach in 2016 is also jailed at Kerobokan however she did not attend or take part in today’s ceremony. Mack was sentenced to 10 years and Schaefer got 18 years.

When did Heather Mack go to jail?

Heather Mack, 23, and her boyfriend Tommy Schaeffer were convicted of killing Sheila von Wiese – Mack in 2014. Mack was sentenced to 10 years in prison. She tells Daily Mail TV that she could be a free woman in 18 months for good behavior.

Who killed Sheila von Wiese Mack?

Mack, 22, first sought access to her mother’s $1.56 million estate in January 2015, shortly after she and Tommy Schaefer were charged in Bali with killing Sheila von Wiese – Mack.

Will Heather Mack get her inheritance?

The two have now reached an agreement and Heather Mack will not receive “any property, benefit, or other interest” from her mother’s estate. Instead, the sole beneficiary of the remainder of Wiese- Mack’s estate will go to Mack’s three year old daughter Stella, who was born inside of the Indonesian prison in 2015.

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Why did Heather Mack kill mother?

In the first part of the video, she accused her mother of killing her father in a hotel room in Athens and claims the real reason she plotted to kill von Wiese- Mack was revenge. However, a 2006 obituary published by The Chicago Tribune reports James L Mack died after suffering a blood clot in his lung.

When was Heather Mack born?

Heather Mack was born to renowned musician and composer James L. Mack and Shiela Von Wiese Mack in 1995. She lived in Oak Park, IL until her imprisionment.

Will Heather Mack be deported?

Mack said: ‘I might get deported (back to America) on release but if that happens I hope it will only be for a maximum of six months. I’ ll return as quickly as I can. ‘I can be out in 18 months because of parole and good behavior,’ Mack said: ‘I feel like I’m more Indonesian than American now.