Readers ask: How Long Does It Take To Get Bali Shades Made?

How long does it take to get custom blinds?

If you cannot find a time specified, most custom blinds will arrive at your door within two to three weeks. If you need your window blinds sooner feel free to contact us for expedited production.

Where are Bali blinds manufactured?

Bali Wood Blinds and Shutters crafted from sustainably sourced North American hardwood at our Grayling, Michigan plant were introduced in 2003.

Are Bali shades good quality?

Great shades for the price. They have a very clean look with no hanging cords and I was able to mount 3 of them side by side with almost no gap in between. You can not see though them for privacy but they still let light though during the day. Great shades for the price.

What company makes Bali blinds?

Bali is part of the Springs Window Fashions family, which also includes the following brands: Graber blinds, shades, and drapery are sold by experienced, professional dealers and decorators who assist customers in selecting, ordering, and installing the perfect window treatments.

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Are Graber blinds good quality?

Graber also offers a very high – quality product but usually at a lower price point. To get a better idea of how much your new window treatments will cost, contact one of their local dealers who will be able to give you a free quote so you can compare for yourself and make an informed decision.

What brand does blinds com use?

Which name brands do you carry? We carry LEVOLOR, Bali, Coolaroo, Norman, Redi Shades, and Stay by Stacy Garcia, in addition to our very own brand.

What’s better Levolor or Bali?

Bali blinds give you more to consider in terms of style and design options. However, Levolor blinds offer you more coverage thanks to their friendlier warranty terms. If you’re curious about installation, repair, and maintenance, the blinds from both brands are pretty equal.

What are Bali blinds made of?

Match your material to your style sensibility for truly custom vertical blinds —choose between fabric vanes, vinyl vanes, or vinyl vanes layered with easy-to-wash sheer fabric. Wood. Made from premium North American hardwood, our vertical wood blinds bring in a stunning natural element to your space. Fabric.

Are any blinds made in USA?

Blinds and Shades Made in the USA. As an American company, Stoneside Blinds & Shades is proud to hand craft every blind, shade, and drapery we sell in the USA.

Are Levolor shades good quality?

Levolor PVC Verticals are a 2012 WCMA award winning product, rated highly on quality, versatility, and all-around awesomeness. One of the best treatments for large windows, vertical blinds can be made in widths up to 188″(a little more than 15 1/2 feet) and are easy to install and use.

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Does Costco sell Hunter Douglas?

Hunter Douglas Window Fashions | Costco.

What is the best brand of cellular shades?

  • BEST OVERALL: Windowsandgarden Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Bali Blinds 044294 214064 Cordless Light Filtering.
  • BEST BLACKOUT: SBARTAR Cellular Shades Cordless Blackout.
  • BEST CORDLESS: CHICOLOGY Cordless Cellular Shades.
  • BEST TOP -DOWN: Achim Home Furnishings CSTD35WH06 Top -Down Cordless.

Who is Bali owned by?

Bali (lingerie)

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States
Key people Sara Stein
Products bras, panties, sleepwear, hosiery
Parent HanesBrands Inc.

Can you return Bali blinds?

If I am not satisfied with my blind or shade, can I exchange it? Please contact the original place of purchase to discuss their return policies and procedures.

How much do Graber cellular shades cost?

These blinds come with a wand tilt control mechanism, with color-coordinated cloth tapes, valance and tassels to choose from. The unique finish and excellent light and privacy control come at a starting price of $91.73.