Readers ask: Who Produced Bali By 88 Glam?

Who is 88Glam producer?

88Glam (mixtape)

Released November 7, 2017 (initial) April 20, 2018 (reissue deluxe)
Length 55:11
Label Self-released (initial) XO Republic (reissue)
Producer Derek Wise (exec.) 88Camino (exec.) Yung Shrimp Tempura (also exec.) AlexOnWeed Cahl Miller Cubeatz Joseph L’étranger Murda Beatz WondaGurl Villa Beatz


Who signed 88 glam?

XO Republic Records 88GLAM / In 2018, 88Glam officially signed to XO and Republic Records. On April 20, 2018, 88Glam was re-released as 88Glam Reloaded through XO and Republic, with four new tracks including a remix with 2 Chainz.

What happened 88Glam?

According to the post, the group has been dropped completely from XO Records and Republic Records, which has not been confirmed. They have also been removed from the upcoming tour from The Weeknd, being replaced with Black Atlass, another singer from the XO Records camp.

How much is Nav worth?

Nav net worth: Navraj Singh Goraya, known professionally as Nav, is a rapper and record producer with a net worth of approximately $3 million dollars.

Who is signed to XO records?

The label’s current acts include The Weeknd, Belly, Nav, and Black Atlass. The label has had six projects debut at number one on the Billboard 200: Beauty Behind The Madness, Starboy, My Dear Melancholy, Bad Habits, After Hours and Good Intentions, with the latter two both achieving this in the first half of 2020.

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How do I get signed by XO?

These are steps you should take to guarantee it truly is.

  1. Get feedback. Whenever you reach that point on a track where you think that it’s ready to send it to a record label, you need to pause and ask for feedback.
  2. Polish the sound.
  3. Socials.
  4. Official Website.
  5. Branding.
  6. Label Website.
  7. LinkedIn.
  8. Social Media.

Is 6lack signed to XO?

Nav’s first big feature was on Travis Scott’s track “Beibs In The Trap”, a song he also co-wrote and produced. He signed with XO in early 2017 and released his mixtape, Nav, in February.

Is 88GLAM independent?

After rumours of the group breaking up circulated earlier in the year, and their second studio album Close to Heaven Far from God missed it’s expected April 2020 release, 88GLAM has gone independent and their first official release as an indie outfit is the surprise 18-track mixtape New Mania.

What is 88glam net worth?

88Glam’s revenue is $31.8K in 2019. 88Glam Net Worth 2019.

Month Earnings
May 2019 $4.3K -$5.6K
June 2019 $3.5K -$4.6K

Where is Cashxo from?

Amir Esmailian
Born December 28, 1983 Tehran, Iran
Other names Cash Cash XO
Occupation Talent manager music executive record producer
Years active 2011–present

Is Ottawa the belly?

Born in Jenin in the Palestinian West Bank, and raised in Ottawa, Balshe embarked on a career as a musician at 16 playing drums in various Ottawa punk bands. Belly then went on to release four further mixtapes, and released his second album Immigrant in 2018.